Our Services

At Barber Financial, our core services revolve around the five pillars of your comprehensive financial plan including Tax, Insurance, Investment, Retirement, and Estate Planning. We have built a team of experienced professionals to assist you in building your financial future.


With almost 40 years of experience, we understand the impacts taxes can have on a families overall financial situation. We employ a balanced approach, by applying tax minimizing strategies into your overall personal financial plan and where possible,  leverage tax advantaged strategies in areas such as retirement, estate planning, and investment management.


Insurance plays an important role in terms of helping you prepare for the unexpected. It can provide you with the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected in a time of loss and ensure financial security for your family. We take the time to review your current insurance coverage and, if necessary, will alert you to any areas of concern.


We believe in needs-based planning and begin all our engagements with a review of what financial success means to you. Once we understand your needs and goals, our team of licensed advisors can then create a personalized investment strategy and portfolio to help build your financial future.


We value that you have worked hard over the years to build a secure retirement. We promise to work hard to help you navigate all the decisions and choices you will need to make in the coming years. Our focus is to educate you on the various income and distribution strategies that align with your specific retirement income needs and help you feel secure in these changing times.

Estate Planning

We believe in protecting your wealth and that includes offering guidance on estate planning. This can include conversations with loved ones as to your wishes or guiding you through the appropriate steps in the event of a loved one's passing. We partner with an Estate Attorney to ensure that your legacy is fulfilled as to your wishes.